WARNING: This site was made for Retroshare version 0.5. The currently recommended version is 0.6 and it is a bit different, so some information may not be relevant anymore.

Quick presentation of RetroShare

RetroShare is a secure communication and file-sharing tool which connects to your friends and your friends only. This makes surveillance by third parties very difficult and enables anonymous file transfers and discussions to take place. Read more...

Installing RetroShare

Make sure you’re using the latest version of RetroShare!

You can get RetroShare for Windows, Max OS X, Linux or FreeBSD from the official RetroShare downloads page on SourceForge.

Under Windows, it is recommended to get the Portable version because it is easier to backup.

Avoid giving your real name and email address if you're seeking anonymity…

How to make friends

Since RetroShare only connects to your friends, before using it you have to tell it about your friends. Often it's hard to find “real life” friends who want to experiment, so you can use forums and chats to find new friends. See how this works...

Frequently asked questions

Beginner's FAQ - Solutions to known problems - Can’t connect to your friends? Click here.

Advice for beginners

A few suggestions about the usage of RetroShare.

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